We are proud to support a great community of athletes who inspire us everyday, whether it's smashing out race wins or toughing out gutsy training sessions in extreme conditions.


Nguyen Dang Trung


Trung has been a passionate soccer player all his life, however he retired from soccer after tearing his ACL twice in 2011 and 2013. He was introduced to trail running in 2017 with the Vietnam Jungle Marathon 25k and has since gone on to compete in many amazing races including the 9 Dragons, Tranlantau 100k and Oman by UTMB 130k.

Alessandro Sherpa


Hailing from Italy but now based in Malaysia, Alessandro is one of Asia's top runners. He's fast over short and long, incredibly tough, but also thoughtful and super passionate. He was the well-deserved winner in the 2018 Asia Trail Master championships after awesome wins at the Penang Eco 100 and Magnificent Merapoh Trail 100K.


Born in Denmark but has truly taken Manila and the nearby Rizal Mountains as his new home - "we have lovely raw trails and the community here is so cool". Kristian is best known as the fastest finisher (and third fastest ever) at the 2019 Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge in 55:52, with possibly the most infamous balls in trail running 😅

Kristian Joergensen


Not just a super talented ultra trail runner but also an amazingly humble human being - and that's why we love Ruth. Based in Bandung, Ruth had an amazing 2018, including wins at the UT Koh Chang, the Beach Bunch 100, Mantra Summits, Bandung Ultra, Ijen Trail and Plataran X to win the Asia Trail Master championship - woohoo!

Ruth Theresia




The "Naked Runner" isn't the most talented but knows how to pace and hurt! He is the reigning Asia Trail Master Champion and regularly places in the top 50 in the Ultra Trail World Tour. John is also a two-time winner of the Asian Skyrunner Ultra series, and this "9th Dragon" swears he'll never run the 50/50 again! 😉

Michael McLean


Born in Canada, lives in Brunei and thrives on mountain trails and especially the long stuff! Michael loves to explore Asia and is a regular top 5 at regional races, including at Bandung 100, Tinajas Ultra and Vang Vieng. He also nailed top 10 finishes at the 2018 Asia Trail Masters Championship as well as 4 Deserts in Gobi and Namibia. 


Fredelyn is an inspiration to many other helpers in Hong Kong, with some great recent results, including wins at GreenRace MSIG Ultra and The Great Relay, plus second at the 9 Dragons 50K. She recently travelled back to the Philippines to race the Cordillera Mountain Ultra - coming fifth - and loved running the mountains she grew up gazing out at. 

Fredelyn Alberto


Mark is a co-founder of T8 so doesn't get anything for being sponsored. But maybe he should, given top 10 finishes at TNF Hong Kong 50K, Lantau 70, and a top 20 at UTMF STY - despite working so hard on T8! Mark loves travelling for trail races, as well as cheap vegan lunches, blasting his Cecil's Ride loop, and his part-time modelling career 😉



Emily Woodland


Emily is one tough competitor. She's won the 4Deserts Atacama Crossing plus the Hong Kong Queen of the Hills. She's notched top 30 finishes at Lavaredo, UTMB and HK100, and she regularly destroys male runners who try to keep up (eh Mark?), but possibly her best race was her 14:20 at Ultra Trail Australia in 2019, coming back strong after a long health issue.

Thomas Ngan


Thomas hiked as a kid and has been running trails since 2006. Despite still studying hard, he finished his first 100K race in 2016 and is planning his first miler in 2019. Thomas is also the co-Race Director for the Mountain Range 50K, one of our fave trail events in Hong Kong!


Nia is the ultimate badass and proves that you can be both an awesome mother and a rocking trail runner. She came second at The North Face 50 Hong Kong despite pumping milk at CP3, and followed up with a crushing win at MSIG Sai Kung 50. And her victory celebration - straight to expressing milk at the finish line. Ultra trail pain ain't nothing after you've experienced childbirth ;)




Jess hails from Sabah and is one of Asia's emerging trail running stars, finishing fourth at this year's Asia Trail Master Championship. She won the MesaStila Peaks Challenge as well as runner up finishes at Beach Bunch, Sungai Menyala Forest Trail, BTS Ultra, Plataran X Trail Bali and Clark Miyamit Falls Trail Ultra.

Jess Boubie




Mary was a rising star of Hong Kong athletics with the 3,000m steeplechase and 15K records, so it's no surprise her transition to trail has been easy. She's probably the youngest runner who records her 90-110km weekly training in a logbook (and is not on Strava!!) but that didn't stop her winning the Hong Kong 50 and Fast 50 last season!




Possibly the most adventurous trail explorer on the T8 team, Edith loves taking on new challenges. Just in the last twelve months, she's run in Japan, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Indonesia, Italy, France and Switzerland - oh and she won the 9 Dragons 50M'er as well and made it look easy!


Adam is one of those rare trail runners who can zip around ultra trail courses, but is also pretty handy at an arm wrestle. He's a regular age group podium and has finished HK100, Trailwalker, Ultra Trail Australia but what's more impressive is his versatility. He also wins his age group at Spartan Races - the complete package - and reckons the Sherpa Shorts are perfect for bringing your water and gels.




Habiba is one of those crazy runners who loves it long and technical. As others are fading, she just gets stronger (and pulls funnier faces). She is one of only a handful of female survivors of the 298km Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge (68:54) as taking 5th at L'infernal Trail Des Vosges 200K and winning Hong Kong 168. 






Ander is a big believer in eating well and loves his avocado, nuts, Greek yoghurt, fish and feta to help recovery. Throw in up to 150km weekly training and it's no surprise he's scorching the Asian trail scene. He's already got podiums at Vietnam Jungle Marathon, Cordillera Mountain Ultra, 9 Dragons 50M and Mapawa Trail 50 to his name.




It’s hard to believe that Ivan has only been trail running for two years. He’s super passionate and loves to zip out when the race starts, but also has the grit and determination to guts out a tough finish. His best race was a 2:29 at the Fast 28, but he’s also finished Hong Kong 100 in 18:25 in 2019, beating half of the reigning Trailwalker team. Chapeau sir, chapeau!  


Hailing from Kota Kinabalu, Shamsul is a avid ultra trail runner. He loves the healthy lifestyle as well as getting to see some amazing natural scenery as he races around Asia including Borneo TMBT Ultra, Cameron Ultra, Penang Ecotrail 100, Hong Kong 100 and Mesastila Peak Challenge. His best finish was a top 10 at BTS Ultra 100.

Shamsul Adzrin


After a knee surgery in 2013, Alex came to appreciate running a whole lot more and now runs for those who can't. He's taken on some crazy adventures like H1, UTMF twice, the Vietnam Mountain Marathon, UTA and 9 Dragons. He is super excited about T8, calls it "trail lingerie" and the best gear he has ever donned!






Bill only started running when he moved to Hong Kong in 2013 because of the allure of all the trails in his backyard. He hasn't looked back since and has gone on to participate in many ultra trail races both domestically and internationally including the prestigious UTMB in France as they "keep your junk in place chafe-free".  




"Smile especially when it hurts" and "when you talk you are only repeating something you know but if you listen you may learn something new" are just two mottos that Alvin lives and runs by. He's raced and smiled most trails across all of Asia and his day job is pretty cool too, manning Singapore's top running store, Red Dot Running Company


Salomon started to hit the trails in the Swiss Alps ten years ago. He runs a consulting business in Hong Kong and knows what it means to work hard for your goals with his slogan: "running the extra 100 miles". He likes to go for the impossible and has finished HK4TUC twice, plus won the Lantau 70 and TransNT. Known for running in red, he loves our red sherpa shorts!

Salomon Wettstein


Eszter Csillag started trail running 🏃🏽‍♀️ after moving to Hong Kong. The local trails and trail running was love at first sight, and after a few months of training she signed up for the Dolomiti Sky Run, a race of 145km and over 10 000+ elevation. She DNF at 110km and that experience encouraged her to train wiser and race better. Her best achievements include 2nd 🥈 place at TransJeju in 2019, 1st 🥇 place at The Beast Trail 50 in Taiwan in 2019, 4th at CCC in 2021 and 🥇1st at Matraberc Trail in 2021. 

While experiencing more success with trail running she also became mother of two girls: Emma (2018) and Noemi (2021). She has been an advocate for mothers to continue running 🏃🏽‍♀️ even after pregnancy.

Eszter Csillag


Scott Hawker


Originally from New Zealand, Scott now spends most of his time travelling the world and competing against the best ultra trail runners on the planet. He has experienced success at a variety of races including 5th at the Vibram Hong Kong 100 and 3rd at UTMB.

David Longo


David initially got into trail running at university before doing his first ultra at the Ultra Trail Australia in 2014. He now loves to combine travel, eating and racing having done events such as the Sudtirol Ultra Skyrace, Mount Bromo Half Marathon, the 9 Dragons and the Vietnam Jungle Marathon.


Andy is one of the world's top ultra coaches, coaching many of Hong Kong and Australia's elite ultra runners through Mile 27. He's thoughtful and very science-based. Andy is also a well credentialled runner himself, with a sub 29 hour UTMB finish and several 100 mile wins to his name.  

Andy DuBois


Despite favouring milers and 100kms races, this Sydney based Kiwi only has one DNF to his name - "it haunts me and I have vowed to make sure that it guides me to finish all that I begin". A podium finisher at the inaugural Hume and Hovell 100 miler (>50% DNF rate), we're chuffed that this super tough ultra distance specialist chooses to run in our gear!

Blog: Windyman



Corey Phillpott


Don't be fooled. This 92kg, former rugby player can still smash out a speedy 50km trail PB in 6:06! Corey fell in love with ultras recently, and is working hard to adapt his strength training background to endurance running. Corey also shares his passion for trailing as a coach for Blue Mountains Fitness. IG: @cozfit:

Henri Lehkonen


One of Hong Kong's top runners with a number of big race wins, including Green Power, Hard As Nayls and the Ferei Dark 45. Henri loves to travel - with Ultra Trail Australia (11th), Western States (25th), Eiger Ultra Trail, Lavaredo and Diagonale Des Fous ticked off - and also loves racing in his signature board shorts. No issues if you're wearing T8 Commandos!  


Aka: Shaggy

Enjoying everything Ultra, I not only enjoy my time out on the trails challenging myself to longer and longer events, but also find myself just at home running on the road or track as well. Having completed races over 300km, including the HK4TUC in 2019, 48hr track races and trail & road races upwards of 250km that to many to count. With so many more ventures to come, I am proud to be able to be supported by such a great brand and family to see me through my longest challenges 

Stephen Redfern


James Schwartz


In only a few short years, James has experienced the highs and lows of trail running. In 2018, he was Canadian champion of UTMF STY, followed only months later by a race-ending esophagus tear at Western States that saw him hospitalised for weeks. This guy knows how to push and hurt, and we know he'll be back to get his revenge!  

Michael Wardian


Michael began running in 1995 after a successful career as a division 1 lacrosse athlete at Michigan State University.  Since then he has run over 400 events from 1 mile to 262 miles non-stop. Outside of running, Michael is an international ship brokerage partner and has a young family with his wife Jennifer and their two boys, Pierce and Grant.


Despite only discovering his world class potential (VO2max 88!) at age 32, Jeff has quickly emerged as Hong Kong's fastest trail runner. A big fan of Steve Prefontaine's work ethic and leading from the front, Jeff was voted Hong Kong Male Trail Runner of the Year for 2016/17 and also anchored the winning team at Oxfam Trailwalker in 2018.   

Jeff Campbell


Helping charities by day and kicking butt at trail races on the weekends is our Kait. She's got some great US pedigree including top 10 overall at the Coastal 50, Paumanok Pursuit, Lenape Trail Run, Febapple Frozen Fifty and South Mountain, and has just rediscovered the sport in Asia. Her second place at Sungai Menyala was particularly inspiring!

Kait Sheridan


Peter van der Zon


Peter originally hails from the Netherlands but his running and athletic exploits have taken him all over the world. He has experienced success across a range of events including 1st place at the Swiss Alps 100 and 5th place at the Transgrancanaria 128.

Maite Maiora


Maite Maiora is passionate about the mountains and for the last 12 years has been competing all over the world, achieving great results including Skyrunner World Champion, 2nd place at CCC and 3rd place at UTMB. She is eager to keep competing and pushing her limits at the most competitive races in the world.


Lyndsey is the most positive, enthusiastic trail runner you'll meet, and also a huge advocate for the Health at Every Size movement (HAES). Every day is a new adventure in seeing what your body is capable of and, for Lyndsay recently, that was a pretty amazing 33km at the Big Boar's Backyard Challenge in Hong Kong. Her motto? You can do hard things!

Lyndsey Gormley


Birgir started running in 2002 after losing a 10K race to his father and now holds the Icelandic Masters Marathon record with 2:35. He loves trail running and guiding for Arctic Running in Reykjavik, and is still turning out some great marathon times with a 2:49 in Rotterdam recently. Turns out the T8 Commandos work great in the freezing cold as well!

Birgir Saevarsson

Brian McFlynn


One of the nicest people you'll ever meet, despite being an unstoppable beast out on the trails. Brian's race wins include Moontrekker, plus a top 10 finish at HK100, and was pipped by Jim Walmsley at the Valentine's Day Race recently. He's also just qualified for the Irish team at the Trail World Championships - go Brian!!

Michael Skobierski


Michael finds respite from Hong Kong's urban lifestyle by running in the Lantau mountains near his home. Loving your training is definitely working for Michael with recent wins at King of the Hills, Hard As Nayls, Lantau Vertical and the Lantau 70, and he's excited about T8, "Looking forward to being part of the team, and can't wait to see more T8 gear coming!"


Mo is an inspiration for runners and non-runners alike. He's a two-time winner of Master Runner of the Year at the Hong Kong Trail Running Awards and, more significantly, also beat prostate cancer, refusing to be a "cancer victim" and notching nine wins in nine races in as many weeks of radiation therapy.




Steve is better known as a co-founder of RaceBase and as the brains and RD behind RunUltra's Best Australasian Race, The 9 Dragons Ultra, and possibly also stalking Gary Robbins. However, despite being an "average guy", he's also a passionate and accomplished trail runner, having completed the Hong Kong 100 in his first attempt.  



Matt Pocock


Matt is an avid trail runner but also one of the good guys, recently running 320 kilometres across Cambodia - everyday in his T8 Commandos - to raise over USD100,000 for the Temple Garden Foundation. He clearly wasn't trying hard enough as finished with a 1:29 at the Angkor Wat Half Marathon on the last day!

Kevin Scallan


Kevin has dominated the shorter distance Hong Kong trail scene since busting out in 2016 - and by "shorter distance", we mean sub 50K. He is the reigning King of the Hills as well as AVOHK Reservoir Series champ and loves that his T8 Commandos feel like "wrapping balls in cotton wool" 😏


Markus discovered Trail Running aged 35 to get away from it all. Not knowing that 8 year later he would be running Western States 100, finishing strong in 19:33 hours. Based in Cologne he loves to run in Siebengebirge. With races cancelled due to Covid, he went for Plan B and set an impressive FKT of 14:27 hours on the Kobold Trail (137km and 5,200m elevation gain).

Markus Meinke