TRAIL TIPS - Improve your downhilling!

TRAIL TIPS - Improve your downhilling!

Improve your trail downhills!

Check out XIANG Fuzhao, women's runner-up at the recent Hong Kong 100. It's mesmerising footage but also pretty instructive:

1. Relax - body slightly forward, loose arms for balance, looking slightly ahead.
2. Quick feet - much more stable though you can go double steps for extra speed.
3. Pick your lines - don't be afraid to go side-to-side to reduce technicality.

And don't forget to practice your fast downhills, not just going hard on the ups in training! #T8run #trailrunning #downhilling #trailtips

And for those asking about our downhilling cameraman chasing XIANG Fuzhao, it's the one and only Bryan Diehl. Chapeau sir, chapeau...

Video credit: Bryan Diehl