The T8 RERUN Programme

Reduce, Reuse, RERUN

Introducing RERUN

Give your clothes a second life! When it’s time to say goodbye to your T8 Sherpa Shorts, don’t throw them away. Send them back washed and clean to T8, and we will repair and refurbish them (if required) and make sure they get reused. We have partnered with RUN, a Hong Kong based charity that supports and rehabilitates vulnerable refugees though their sports and education programmes. Click here for more info. Your old Sherpa Shorts are not waste but an opportunity to help the next runner!

RUN is rehabilitating refugees through sports education

Please send your pre-loved T8 gear donations back to us at T8 Labs – RERUN Programme, 7A Thomson Commercial Building, 8 Thomson Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong – and we’ll make sure they find another good home.

Why are we doing this?

1 garbage truck of clothing is landfilled or incinerated every second

Almost 100 million tonnes of textile waste ends up in landfill each year (1), with estimates that 95% could be reused or recycled (2). Additionally, the average consumer now buys 60% more clothing each year and keeps each item half as long as 15 years ago (3).

Our planet's resources are finite and, as custodians for our children, our children's children and all the nature that we co-exist with, we have an obligation to reuse and recycle wherever possible. Extending the life of clothing by just one year of active use would reduce its carbon, water and waste footprint by around 20-30% (4). Every time we junk a product, we lose all the energy and resources that went into its production. 

Sustainability has always been important to us at T8, and we’ve always strived to create products that are high quality and durable for maximum product life. We avoid large glossy packaging to reduce waste, and use recycled, compostable materials where possible. Every action on this earth has an impact, and we want to minimise ours.


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