Dear Trail Running

Dear Trail Running

Dear trail running,

From the moment I finished my first race, I knew it was love at first sight.

I know, the way we met was quite unexpected… I won a free entry to a race when I was just trying to shop for sunglasses, but then you came along… I still remember every single moment precisely. It was a race at Stanley, up the Twins then back via the catchwater.

I had met your sister cross-country in high school, so I thought I could do a 14km without carrying any water in July… Needless to say, you gave me quite a ride and I kept having to stop and ask hikers and other runners for water, but through it all, all I felt was a new sense of exuberance that I have never felt before!

I had no idea you were an actual sport. Growing up with organised sports like rugby and hockey, you have always been an offseason sport to stay in shape. Ever since that race, everything changed, and I have never been happier with my lifestyle and community. So thank you for coming into my life, allowing me to have an outlet that lets me know there is no limit unless I set it myself.

Forever yours,

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