What is the SHERPA BOLEH bandaid?

We've changed the motif on the back leg of the shorts. Each season, we want to celebrate something new and inspiring. With the last production run, it was the highly motivational MIND OVER MOUNTAIN and, this time, it is the Sherpa Boleh bandaid.
Sherpa Boleh bandaid
Our very special T8 Typhoon ambassador, Alessandro Sherpa, is our inspiration here but what does it mean?
  1. The bandaid with the Rinjani mountain profile comes from the 2018 Rinjani 100 race. Sherpa struggled with massive dehydration and peeing blood. He was permitted by the race director to take an IV drip during the race, with the needle wound covered by a bandaid. He managed to finish in 30 hours, and it was not the best race achievement but, as he said, the best emotions to cross the finish line.
  2. Sherpa Boleh comes from a Malaysian 100km trail race. Sherpa’s friends were only seven hours in when they heard a local lady saying the winner had already finished. They argued - and of course they were right - but she replied steadfastly, “Sherpa Boleh” which means “Sherpa can”.
  3. The Chinese characters come from Sherpa’s mostly older Chinese hash friends from Motherhash in Kuala Lumpur. One day, after a few drinks, they couldn’t remember or pronounce "Sherpa" so told him, “For you, you are 高手 (Gao Shou = master), because no one can beat you.”
So that’s the story of the Sherpa Boleh bandaid. Take it with you on your next run and we hope you can make your own cool running stories in your T8 Sherpa Shorts.

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