GEAR REVIEW - T8 Commandos by Jonel Mendoza

Jonel Mendoza review of T8 Commando men's running underwear

Chafing down there has always been my problem. After Kristian Joergensen posted about this and its merits, I ordered mine from the HK seller. For the next six trail races(35K-67K) I ran, I wore it and did not apply the usual petroleum gel, dipped myself in streams and poured water in my sensitive areas. In short, I purposely got myself wet and waited for everything to dry until the finish line. I wanted to make sure it works for real that is why it took me this long to review it. Besides, I am not a believer in one-time use "reviews".

Each time, upon checking, there was no hint of chafing, not even when I took a shower after. So finally, goodbye to all the chafing problems, yucky creams and lotions that you have to apply every so often during a race.

The T8 Commando V2 Underwear is light enough that you'll feel you're not wearing anything, the garters on the quads and waist are not constricting, dries fast, does not trap air when it's dry, and the construction is durable enough that after 300 kilometres, not a single thread or cloth is loose. You, guys with chafing problems, should try this.

Mark Green and John Ellis, you are both heaven-sent. Sometimes, there are instances where the balls need help or else, the Indian drops dead. Thank you for this neat product. Looking forward to more T8 products in the future.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a paid hack nor an ambassador of this brand. This is an honest-to-goodness, no bullsh*t review. I just believe in it and happy that it works as it claims, period.

PS. There is something for the ladies too.

Jonel Mendoza review of T8 Commando men's running underwear


Jonel Mendoza review of T8 Commando men's running underwear

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