Yea UTMB is prestigious but there are other reasons to visit Chamonix Mount Blanc as a trail runner!

Yea UTMB is prestigious but there are other reasons to visit Chamonix Mount Blanc as a trail runner!

1. Everywhere you look is absolutely gorgeous! It is nice to go back to the basics sometimes and just enjoy the run, stop whenever you want and let it all sink in. Especially in fall, when some of the tress are changing colours, the views will simply take your breath away.


2. The mountains there are excellent for training your climbing legs! These mountains are massive! Most of the climbs you do will be at least 5km of climbing, so you know they mean business. Another perk is there is pretty much no stairs or paved roads, just good ole authentic trails that will put your legs to the test every step!

(This photo was taken approximately at 2100m, en route from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc to Lac Blanc which is at 2,352m)

3. There are a lot more to do besides trail running! There are numerous Intersport  around town that rent out mountain bikes (with or without electric motor) for a different experience on the trails. Paragliding is also very popular if you have more coins to spare and feeling a bit courageous, it will definitely give you a different view from the top of the trails :)

4. The entire town is in the heart of the valley, so everywhere you look as soon as you get up are gorgeous mountains! Of course you can stay in nice hotels and homes, but reasonably priced Airbnbs and RVs in locals' backyards are also available for rent! There are also quite a few camp grounds that are well equipped and located for those few who are truly passionate about being outside!

5. You don't have to just stay in Chamonix, there are plenty of other cool places to explore with just an hour or two train ride away. Take Annecy for example, Salomon's headquarter in France. The two beautiful wildlife parks Parc natural regional du Massif des Bauges and Parc Naturel Regional de Chartreuse are right at the doorstep. Like they say, it's time to play!


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