GEAR REVIEW - T8 Commandos by Mohd Puzi

GEAR REVIEW - T8 Commandos by Mohd Puzi

Had an opportunity to test Commmando Men Underwear during Ultra Trail Mount Gaguan, Taiwan. The most comfortable underwear I have tried during ultra running. Made from good quality, very soft material (90% polyamide/10% elastane) and super lightweight make you barely notice that you wearing them. Ideal for all weather conditions.

Don't feel cool at night at mountain peak area at night. Very breathable, most airy and comfortably breezy to keep you cool and dry during running under scorching hot sun.

Above all, with great design and fine workmanship, T8 Commando underwear do exactly as promise, helping to prevent one of the most frustrating and common issues most runners face. Chafing. No more zombie walk after ultra race.

These are among the best underwear available in the market. Easy to wash and drying quickly, recommended for traveling and great for multi-day races. Thank you @gonerunning_hk for an opportunity to experience one of the best underwear.

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Mohd Puzi reviews the T8 Men's Commando Running Underwear

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