GEAR REVIEW - T8 Sherpa Shorts by Alvin Png

GEAR REVIEW - T8 Sherpa Shorts by Alvin Png

Big thanks to Alvin Png from Singapore and his review of our Sherpa Shorts. Over to you Alvin...

Here is my long overdue writeup of the new T8 Sherpa shorts. I have always been a big fan of shorts with functional capacity.

Ever since Pearl Izumi stopped their Trail running line. I wasn't able to find anything that could replace the PI ultra shorts until I came across the Sherpas.

Think of the Sherpas as a pair of running shorts with an inbuilt running belt. There are four handy pockets. Two big ones. One in the front and one at the back. Two smaller ones at the side. The big ones are gd for stuff like soft flasks and phones while the small ones are gd for keys, cards, cash, even a lightweight packable jacket and all your nutrition e.g. gels, salt tabs etc.

The material of the shorts are extremely lightweight (78gsm) and comfy. The 4 way stretch fabric ensures your movements doesn't get restricted. Somehow makes me feel like I am not wearing anything! 😁 Also the hydrophobic coating helps to keep you dry. However, if you sweat ALOT like me, it won't stay dry for long but the quick wicking fabric does dry up super fast.

I have done some runs both long and short in the Sherpas. All the runs I have done in them are loaded up with quite abit of stuff e.g. 1x 500ml soft flask (sometimes two if I am not carrying my phone), my phone, lightweight packable jacket, a few gels, keys and running wallet (approx 1kg). I was expecting some minimal bouncing but to my surpise there isn't any.

Long story short. The Sherpas are a superstar in the 'shorts with inbuilt pockets' category. Look no further if u are hunting for a good pair for running shorts.

You can check out the original review here.

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