GEAR REVIEW - T8 Sherpa Shorts by Alex Ang (a_c0uchp0tat0)

GEAR REVIEW - T8 Sherpa Shorts by Alex Ang (a_c0uchp0tat0)

T8 Sherpa Shorts

Most of us know how useful a good pair of shorts can be, but not all of us choose the shorts based on our specific needs. 

Personally, for a pair of shorts to be good for trail running, they have to meet certain requirements. Comfort and being chafe-free top the list. Trail shorts should also be able to dry quickly, either from sweat, wet weather or running into/through wet hazards. They should be designed with aspects that will not catch a bush or branch, should wash well as trail runs can end up dirtier than other types of runs. Lastly, trail shorts should also offer several storage possibilties, that are positioned to not bounce or disturbed when packed. 

The T8 Sherpa Shorts are specifically designed to fulfill all requests a trail runner can ask for. It is, really, a shorts brought to runners by runners. These guys know what trail runners require and the end product checks every single box. 

The newly developed waist construction offers several storage possibilities, that are positioned to not bounce when packed. The fabric combination is super lightweight and comfortable, but offers, at the same time, the elasticity and protection that is needed. Worn with the T8 Commando underwear, they provide chafe-free comfort. 

In my trials with TNF shorts with waist storage and a typical shorts with the naked belt, the T8 Sherpa Shorts gave the least bounce. 

Pluses & Minuses

  • PLUS - chafe-free
  • PLUS - comfort
  • PLUS - dries quickly
  • PLUS - wicks sweat away to keep you comfortable, dry and feeling light on your feet
  • PLUS - convenient Storage - carries more than just the essentials thanks to plenty of pockets
  • MINUS - a tad too long and too flared and shorts bunch up around the thighs when wet (perhaps it’s just me being too sweaty?! 😅) - I have the original version but have been told the current gen rectifies this
  • MINUS - drawstring on shorts too long but, again, it appears that the second gen has this resolved

I will update once I get my hands on them! Watch this space!


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